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Elk Hunts (includes Mule Deer)

The Kootenay Region has the highest population of Elk in British Columbia, making our territory a prime Elk Hunting area. We are only allowed to harvest Bull Elk that have a minimum of six (6) tines (points) or better on one side. Bulls range from 270 to 350 Boone and Crockett. The rut begins in our part of B.C. around the first week of September and runs through to approx. mid October. Hunting the rut is one of the most exhilarating experiences. The sound of bugling bulls from across the valley or within bow range keeps you coming back for more.

This unique North American ungulate is also known as “Wapiti”, the Native American name for the species  range in color from dark brown in winter to tan in summer and have a characteristic buff colored rump. The head, neck, belly and legs are darker than both the back and sides.  Cows are more evenly colored than bulls. The antlers of the bull are large and sweep back and upward. A mature eligible bull will have six (6) or more tines (points), projecting from each main branch. Bulls weigh as much as 1,000 pounds (450 kg).

Let Bugle Basin Outfitters, British Columbia Big Game Hunting Guide, take you on the adventure of a lifetime with a BC Elk Hunt!

  • Horses, hiking, ATV, 4x4 which ever style you prefer, choose your adventure.
  • Each adventure is customized to your personal needs
  • We offer both archery and rifle hunts during the rut 
  • Hunting the rut is one of the most memorable experiences, these bugling bulls can often be lured into meer feet.
Elk, Lindsay Allen 2010
Manny Reichek Elk Hunt 2008
  • Various spike camps can be used cabins, wall tents, pup tents depending on style and location of hunt chosen. Or hunt right out of the main camp
  • Great combined with Mule Deer which are included in your hunt.
  • Black bear or Wolf can also be added to create a multi species hunt.

(8 day hunts) 
(10 day hunts are available upon request) 

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